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A Junior Camp to Remember

GIRL POWER - Image: Jake Kirkman

Sponsored by DJ Sidebottom/ Glasdon Charitable Programme the second EAFA Junior camp of the year was another success and a step forward for amputee football.

New players and new personalities were welcomed with a number of girls taking their first steps into the sport too.

Speaking to the official EAFA website after taking part in her first camp, Marni, 16, said: “I’ve enjoyed the physicality and playing in an environment where everybody is equal.

“I’ve always loved football and knew this is what I wanted to do."

The EAFA continue to develop the game for all, with a sharp focus towards the women’s game and making the game more accessible and inclusive.

TOGETHER AS ONE - Image: Jake Kirkman

The association is immensely proud of everyone involved and Junior Co-ordinator, Elaine Oakey is delighted to see the increase in female participation.

“It’s one of the best camps we’ve had. We’ve wanted a girls’ team for a long time and it’s fantastic to see the girls here this weekend,” said Oakey.

Thanks to the support of the DJ Sidebottom/ Glasdon Charitable Programme, The EAFA are able to host a record five camps throughout 2023 campaign.

The camps provide the opportunity for 2–16-year-old amputees and those with limb-affecting disabilities with the opportunity to play football with coaching from FA-licensed coaches.

Please use the contact form for more information and how to attend junior camps.

2023 Junior Camp Dates

Saturday 27th May – Sunday 28th May

Saturday 29th July – Sunday 30th July

Saturday 23rd September – Sunday 24th September


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