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D J Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme Helps Provide a Record Number of Junior Camps for 2023

The England Amputee Football Association is delighted to announce The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme as official sponsors of our junior programme.

The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme, on behalf of Glasdon Group Limited have generously donated £15,000 to The EAFA, supporting a record number of five junior camps across 2023.

Image: LAJ Photography

Their support enables The EAFA to provide young amputees and those with limb-affecting disabilities the opportunity to do what they love in a fun, secure and friendly environment.

Glasdon Group Director and Charitable Programme Manager, Joy Kavanagh said: “When Elaine Oakey (Junior Co-ordinator) approached us about the possibility of becoming the official 2023 sponsor, The DJ Sidebottom/ Glasdon Charitable Programme, on behalf of Glasdon, had no hesitation in agreeing to this.”

“We are very proud of the work The EAFA does to give amputee children every opportunity to play, to meet other amputees and enjoy the experience of the junior camps.”

The DJ Sidebottom/ Glasdon Charitable Programme donation will benefit amputee football and The EAFA Chairman, Steve Johnson said: “It’s fantastic, it means we can expand the number of camps and contact time we have with our players.

“The recent donation will allow the juniors to get around double the coaching time in comparison to previous years.”

Johnson also stressed the importance of how the camps develop a real family atmosphere for both players and parents.

“It’s vitally important for social interaction opportunities, to come here and see other children with similar disabilities, it's great for them to feel included and on a level playing field.”

The junior programme has been a real pathway into senior international amputee football in recent years and Johnson hopes that the continued financial support will only further this development.

“It’s really important that we have the younger players coming through - if their skill and commitment is there, they can go right to the top,” said the 1988 WAFF World Cup winner.

“When I first started it was just the England team really, so to have those other elements where players can come in at whatever level they feel comfortable is so important - for the future of the sport, not just in this country but internationally as well.”

For more information, please contact us and see our Juniors page.


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