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Women’s National Team Camp Round-Up

Representatives of the Women’s national team learn the basics of ball control - Image: PDRPhotos

Writes: Sam Seddon-Davies

The Women’s National Team started the year on a high note with their second-ever training camp completed.

Decked out in brand new black kits, the Lionesses were back to business across the weekend.

Preparations for the trip to Belgium in a few weeks began with warm-ups and exercise drills to get the blood flowing and muscles ready to go.

Ball control and transitional play were some of the main focuses for the squad which aims to increase their fluid movement around the pitch and their cohesion as a team.

The fun continued in the second session of the day, where the women were split into two teams for an in-house game between the Pinks and the Blues, reinforcing their improved skills.

This friendly game amongst the squad was an opportunity for new recruits to show what they are capable of, but for returning Lioness Rebecca Legon, it is the part of the camps she thrived on the most. 

“Returning to camp was really good fun. It was great to catch up with everybody and be back playing football,” she said.

“I feel like we’re all starting to build quite strong friendships. Ending the day with the match - that was really great. I loved the game.

“It’s just so me because I’m really into fitness and endurance and it is so fast and so thrilling.”

Rebecca Legon - Image: PDRPhotos

In addition to the physical training, staff led the players through a classroom workshop which looked to add further analysis and education surrounding the laws of amputee football and how to constantly perform.

Rebecca added: “I think I have improved a lot already since November.”

“I am starting to understand the game more now as I’ve not massively followed football before. 

“At the first camp, I didn’t really know what I was expecting and everything felt much more familiar this time.”

Rebecca joined EAFA after being introduced to the sport through teammate Annabel Kiki when the two met whilst taking part in a performance at Eurovision last year.

With no idea what to expect and a positive attitude in hand, it took no time at all for Rebecca to see how enticing amputee football is.

“When the weekend of the first camp came around, I arrived thinking it will be good to see those guys, just hang out and see how it goes.

“I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the sport but I did and that surprised me.

“It will all start to feel real when we go to Belgium - I’m excited to carry on my journey.”

The Women’s Team will return to Reaseheath College in just two weeks. Make sure to keep updated across our social media channels until then.


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