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The EAFA Awards Evening 2023

The England Amputee Football Association Awards Evening is back to celebrate another successful season year at the charity.

The highly-anticipated event takes place Saturday 18th November 2023 at The Wychwood Park Hotel. The event aims to celebrate and recognise the remarkable achievements and successes that have been accomplished across all of the charity's inspiring projects.

One of the key highlights of the evening will undoubtedly be the celebration of the resounding success achieved by the England national team in their remarkable victory in the Nations League. The entire nation rallied behind the team as they overcame numerous challenges and demonstrated their incredible skill and determination on the field. Their triumph not only brought glory to the team but also inspired countless individuals within the amputee community.

The growth and development of the Junior Programme will also be a focal point of the evening's festivities. This initiative has played a pivotal role in nurturing young amputee talents, providing them with opportunities to participate in the sport they love, and helping them realise their full potential. The expansion and impact of the Junior Programme represent a testament to the charity's dedication to fostering the next generation of amputee football stars.

Additionally, the evening will shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of teams and individuals in The EAFL National League. The National League serves as a platform for intense competition and showcases the incredible talent and determination of amputee footballers from various regions. Their triumphs and successes are a testament to the depth and quality of talent within the amputee football community.

The England Amputee Football Awards Evening promises to be a night filled with pride, inspiration, and celebration. It will bring together players, coaches, supporters, and enthusiasts from across the country to acknowledge and honour the incredible journey of amputee football in England.

As we gather at the picturesque Wychwood Park Hotel, we look forward to an unforgettable evening that not only commemorates past achievements but also fuels the passion and determination to continue advancing the cause of amputee football in the years to come. Together, we celebrate the resilience, spirit, and success of this remarkable community and look forward to a future filled with even greater accomplishments.

Tickets are priced £55 for adults and £40 for U16s. You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking here.


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