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New Year, Same Mentality For The Men’s National Team

Writes: Evan Halliday

2024 is here and the new year presents a plethora of new challenges for EAFA including, a trip to France for the European Championships, as the squad hopes to build on last year's Nations League success.

This weekend marks the start of the Lions’ year with the first training camp since the crossover into 2024 and head coach, Scott Rogers shared an insight into his thinking ahead of the upcoming camp: “The January camp represents a continuation of our pre-Christmas efforts, following camps held in November and December – serving as a platform for us to advance our work and on our new game strategy.

“We are pleased with the progress of the players which has surpassed expectations and they have embraced the new elements and fully committed to our objectives.

“It is crucial to maintain focus on our strengths and refine the factors that contributed to our success in 2023.”

The winter period has been a time in which most people take to relax and unwind after 365 days of hard work but for the lads, the off the pitch work has been and will be what sets this group of players apart from the rest.

“The Lion Mode ethos is deeply ingrained in our team, guiding both on-field and off-field

expectations," Rogers added.

“Our dedicated staff consistently monitors each player’s progress and as we approach the Euros, expectations are higher than ever, with heightened competition for the starting seven.

“Players are well aware of the standards required to remain at the pinnacle of their performance and they know what it takes to be successful.”

The upcoming year represents a fruitful opportunity for the squad, as they aim to conquer Europe’s elite teams once again.

The journey to the Euros starts now and you can be a part of it every step of the way through our social media channels.


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