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Men’s National Team Camp January Round-up

Writes: Evan Halliday

Over the weekend the Men’s national squad reunited for the first time this year, picking up right where they left off as they endured an intense and successful training camp to welcome in 2024.

Despite the cold, the lads made no hesitation to get back on the pitch on Friday evening as they went straight back to work, perfecting the tactics the technical team had drilled into them over the past 12 months.

Saturday would be host to an in-house game in the afternoon but before that, an early morning session got the boys in lion mode and game faces were on as they went into the lunch break to refuel and re-energize.

The squad was split into two teams and the coaches split too as each set of seven got prepared to go head-to-head with their peers.

The depth of the group proved itself as both lineups possessed experience and quality and it became apparent, moments into the game that it would be a hard-fought fixture.

That competitiveness and will to win that flows within the national team provided

an enthralling hour of world-class football.

Ultimately the seven in blue got bragging rights over their teammates, enjoying the taste of a 4-2 victory – Jamie Tregaskiss’ and Rhyce Ramsden’s partnership up front was electric and once again why they’re amongst the best in the world.

Sunday rolled around and once again the quality of the team was for all to see, an array of small-sided games which included touch stipulations and requirements needing to be met before a goal attempt, the player's abilities in tight spaces and a clinical eye for goal was an astounding watch.

2024 kicked off with a bang as all expected and the road to the Euros is officially underway.


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