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Medicine and Sports Science Webinar

Elizabeth Aitcheson (physiotherapist) and Niall Hogan (sports rehabilitator) will be providing an exclusive insight into the medical and sports science operations within Amputee Football. The webinar will take place at 8pm on Wednesday 16th November.

The event will include a snapshot of the strategic planning and delivery of our medical and sport science programme. It will provide knowledge of the history of amputee football and the modern trends in research and performance analysis that support one of the globes most successful and innovative amputee national teams.

Niall Hogan (left), Gary Faber (left centre), Elizabeth Aitcheson (right centre) and Michael Clucas (right) smile for the camera following the final game of our 2022 WAFF World Cup

Elizabeth Aitcheson is the Head of Medical and Sports Science at EAFA, having been involved in elite sport since graduating as a physiotherapist from UCLAN in 2018. Elizabeth has worked with an array of high-performance teams across a variety of sports including championship and premier league football teams and international sporting events. Within Elizabeth’s current role she is leading new research on amputee football biomechanics, GPS data and injury analysis. Outside of the EAFA Elizabeth works in the private sector. Niall Hogan is a graduate sports rehabilitator and has worked with EAFA for four years, working within the national team and league teams to provide injury prehabilitation and pitchside response. Outside of EAFA Niall works within remote rehabilitation and private practice. The 25-year-old enjoys the challenge that EAFA presents him as a clinician and feels he can promote accessibility in sport and showcase individual talent. Having the opportunity to work within the EAFA family ensures each individual is supported both on and off the pitch.


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