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Juniors Take To Poland For 2023 EAFF Junior Camp

Writes: Sam Seddon-Davies

Thursday will see 15 EAFA juniors travel to Warsaw, Poland for the sixth edition of the EAFF (European Amputee Football Federation) Junior Camp, held over four days (August 17-21) at the ground of professional men’s side Legia Warsaw.

It is expected that a record 100 players will participate in this year’s camp - a huge increase from the 20 juniors that took part in the inaugural camp in 2016 in Dublin, Ireland.

The camp will be held over four days (August 17-21) at the ground of professional men’s side Legia Warsaw.

EAFA will join other junior amputee footballers from countries all across Europe, and while

other continents have also been welcomed to sign up over the years, with Costa Rica and El Salvador joining in the past, 2023 will include children from Palestine for the first time.

With the support of UEFA and the World Amputee Football Federation, the children attending with parents and coaches will integrate and receive developmental support from some of Europe’s leading amputee football coaches.

The Legia Foundation, which is the co-organiser of the event, have shown lots of enthusiasm and support for collaborating with the EAFF, stating they had “no doubts” when they received the proposal to help host the camp.

President of The Legia Foundation Anna Mioduska is eager to promote sport amongst people with disabilities in a fun and encouraging environment.

“We are convinced that children and their guardians will spend a wonderful time in Warsaw, improving their football skills, integrating and getting to know the new city,” she said.

“We will make every effort to ensure that our club and the entire city are remembered by everyone as accessible and friendly to people with disabilities.”

The support of UEFA has helped junior amputee projects grow rapidly, with the UEFA Foundation for Children having joined the event this year.

Foundation General Secretary Urs Kluser says, “Football is for everyone and plays a much bigger role in society than just a sport.

”Congratulations to all those children with disabilities involved in football and in the Junior Camp, who give their best and lead an active life.

“Believing in their dreams can help them overcome many obstacles.”


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