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“It’s An Amazing Thing To Be A Part Of And I’ll Forever Be Grateful”

Marni (pictured) attempts to win back possession - Image: Jake Kirkman

Writes: Evan Halliday

At EAFA we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for everyone and a talented junior is taking full advantage. Who, you ask? Marni, a 16-year-old trailblazer for women in amputee football.

Last year, Marni and her family made the decision to have her leg amputated after multiple unsuccessful reconstructive surgeries.

“My leg was deformed, and we tried everything we could when I was younger, to improve my mobility, pain and quality of life but we weren’t fortunate, in the end, the best option was amputation and that was really hard to take.”

While in recovery, Marni was made aware of EAFA through social media with Everton and England’s very own Liam Burbridge making frequent appearances on her TikTok and before she knew it, they were sharing the pitch together at the Home of Amputee Football.

In April this year, Marni attended her first junior camp and has been in perfect attendance ever since, providing smiles and class on and off the pitch.

“From my perspective, the EAFA is a family full of different people with different stories at different stages, all coming together to share their journeys and it’s such a helpful community to be a part of,” said Marni’s mum, Emma .

“You don’t feel alone in your thoughts and feelings are understood, my daughter leaves every camp saying how happy she was to have amputee football and to meet everyone there."

GIRL POWER - Image: Jake Kirkman

Marni’s desire to improve along with her technical ability and hard work in the previous camps has caught the eye of the Junior coaching staff and along with others has been selected to represent EAFA at the 2023 EAFF (European Amputee Football Federation) Junior Camp.

A select number of juniors have travelled to the Legia Football Facility in Warsaw, Poland. In that group will be Marni, flying the flag for women in the sport.

The EAFF junior camp allows national junior programmes from across the continent to develop and provides children with the ability to be on the football pitch and to learn from elite coaches with the support of UEFA.

“I’ve always loved football and I’ll forever be grateful to be able to play football, now to have the chance to travel with EAFA, it’s amazing to be a part of and I’m just so grateful for it,” Marni said.

Everyone at EAFA can’t wait to watch our youngsters flourish and we wish Marni all the best in promoting women in amputee football.


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