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Gary Faber Appointed Head of Medical For Men’s National Team

Gary Faber - Image: Jake Kirkman

Writes: Evan Halliday

The England Amputee Football Association are pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Faber as head of medical services for the Men’s national team.

Gary (Gaz) Faber takes the step up from his role as Senior Physiotherapist, filling the vacancy left by the long-serving Elizabeth Aitcheson who parted ways with EAFA recently.

Gaz described his feelings on his appointment: “It’s quite a privilege for me, I’ve been with the organisation for two years now, Scott [Rogers] got in touch with me and kindly asked if I’d be interested and it’s a huge honour and I hope to continue the fantastic work Lib [Elizabeth] has done here.”

Stepping up into this role is no easy feat but Faber has a wealth of experience behind him, working with the likes of West Ham, Charlton and Gillingham in the able-bodied professional game as well as the aforementioned two years with the charity.

Faber and the wider medical team assess England forward Rhyce Ramsden following a collision - Image: LAJ Photography

“It helps that I’ve already established a good relationship and trust with the players on the medical side of things and I hope to keep things consistent at camps and keep it strong away from camps as well,” Gaz said.

Alongside Gary’s appointment, EAFA have welcomed a number of new staff, with the addition of Narayani Pillay to the medical department - who has worked with the South African Paralympic and Olympic squads.

“The appointment of Nara just strengthens our medical department, so going forward we’ve added experience to a team that has already performed well,” Gary said.

Congratulations to Gary on his new role and everyone involved with the charity wishes him the best of luck but there are no doubts he will excel and continue to bring a wealth of knowledge and quality to our elite environment.


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