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From Champions League to CW5: The Lionesses are back again

The Lionesses return to Reaseheath College after a triumphant UEFA Champions League exhibition. 

The England Women's National Team are back at the home of amputee football this weekend for another training camp on their road to the Women's World Cup. 

After showcasing the sport in London on Saturday during the UEFA Champions League Fan Festival, the girls have more confidence and an even stronger mentality.

The team performed warm-up drills and played a 4v4 match for a crowd of spectators at Somerset House, who later got to try the crutches out for themselves.

Rebecca Legon scored one of the many goals in the game and revelled in the new experience.

She said: “The atmosphere of everything was amazing. It was nice for us to bond, get involved and showcase to others what we’re about and trying to achieve.

“To be accepted and be part of this journey is really exciting. It’s a great feeling to know we’re getting recognised within other platforms and people are rooting for us.

“When we first stepped out, it was a little bit nerve-racking because you could hear everybody but we grouped together and we were there as a team and you didn’t feel the crowd being there so much. You could feel them cheering and supporting which lifted me. It helped me personally when I was feeling tired to keep going and push myself and be really proud of what we were achieving out there.”

The day saw two new players join the team. Legon believes events like these help strengthen the squad both on and off the pitch in the best ways.

“When we’re representing the country as well as our team, we wanted to present as a united, strong force and I feel we all did that really well,” she continued.

“It was brilliant to get together with all the girls – we’re a family and we’re growing. I think it really helps us to unify because we have so many training camps and we bond at a certain level but it’s nice to come out of that and do things more personally.

“It’s really good for us to strategise on the pitch as well as having that audience and the feeling of being watched in the centre stage, representing our team in a good light and working together to deliver the best results we can.”

Following the exhibition at the fan festival, most of the team watched the Champions League final from Wembley Stadium - this was Legon’s first live football match, but certainly won’t be the last.

“I’m pretty new to football, I only got involved in November, but I’ve really fallen in love with it,” she added.

“The final was absolutely amazing. To be involved with the crowds and the atmosphere, it was really crazy.”

The action doesn’t stop there as the Women’s National Team is back at Reaseheath College for more training sessions. 

Staff will lead the players through shooting drills and conditioning exercises that will help prepare the squad for the Women’s World Cup in November. 

Each weekend at the home of amputee football is crucial for tactical and athletic development that will take the girls further in the sport.

Legon said: “Training camps are a huge amount of fun but, especially at this stage, we’re taking a lot of information from it. 

“We’re all on different journeys in our football careers so for me, what I take out of it is I learn something new and I always feel that I’ve grown as a player from every camp. 

“I’m really looking forward to the weekend and seeing what I can achieve this time.”

EAFA will welcome Soho Kitchen to the camp this weekend, who will be working to promote the team’s journey, highlight the players’ abilities and showcase the charity as a whole. We look forward to working with the company.

You can keep up-to-date with all the Women’s National Team events through our social media platforms.


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