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Final Training Camp ahead of the Euros

Writes: Evan Halliday

There is just under two weeks to go until the European Championships in France kick off. Meaning that the final push for Scott Rogers and his players continues.

For the second time this month, the Men’s national team will regroup at the Home of Amputee Football to finalise their preparations for the tournament.

This training camp will represent a key milestone in the squad’s pre-Euros work.

Squad entering the pitch (taken by @threelinesphotography)

Over the most recent weekend a large number of the travelling squad got some valuable minutes under their belt in the IKO England Amputee Football League.

Those fixtures provided a great chance for the lads to get out onto the pitch and play against high level opponents ahead of the tournament as well as play alongside a selection of their England colleagues.

Looking towards the upcoming weekend, a lot of the time spent, will be on refining the progress the lads have already made with manager Scott Rogers, saying on numerous occasions he is ‘really happy’ with where his team is at, going into the Euros.

The group details (which can be found on the EAFA social channels) are out and there will be a shift in focus on how best to set up and prepare for those games. As once this camp concludes it’ll signal a week until the players and staff fly to France.

Finally, everyone at EAFA would like to say a massive thank you to those who donated and have supported the charity on its journey to the Euros.

It is possible to keep supporting the lads while they’re at the tournament by staying up to date with our social media channels.


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