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“We are on an exciting journey which will continue way beyond the Nations League”: Scott Rogers.

Evan Halliday

This week, the national team will travel to Poland to compete in the inaugural Nations League. The group was in good spirits during the final training camp last weekend ahead of the tournament.

The weekend saw clear skies overhead and a clear plan on the pitch, as the squad prepared for the upcoming fixtures.

“Our focus has been on preparing for the Nations League, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail so it is important the players have clarity on how we will approach each game,” said head coach, Scott Rogers.

Friday evening saw the players reunited after the most recent round of league fixtures had been postponed but, in the football, there was no lack of familiarity on display.

Saturday’s sessions pushed the team to their limit with intense drills in the summer heat, perfecting both the offensive and defensive strategies the gaffer wants to employ.

“Preparation is key going into any tournament and I am delighted with the progress the boys have made, the application of both players and staff over the course of this training camp has been outstanding,” Rogers said.

Everton’s Pan Disability team were welcomed on Sunday, a strong and mobile side which provided a difficult challenge for the national team.

England and Chelsea goalkeeper, Kieran Lambourne said, “the match was a good test for us, we showed a lot of quality, especially going forward, and learned a lot to take into the future.”

The players' physicality and mentality were trialled over the weekend, but both attributes keep getting stronger.

“We have worked hard to develop a culture of togetherness that is process driven.

“It is important that the boys understand our processes both at and away from camps, these

weekends give us the opportunity to embed our tactics which will hopefully convert into positive performances.” Rogers said.

“As a team of staff and players, we are on an exciting journey which will continue way beyond the nations league,” he added.

Attentions now turn to the journey to Poland and the journey in Poland, the squad are full of

confidence and everyone is ready for the challenge.

“I’m excited for the Nations League, it provides an opportunity to play against top-level opposition and gives us a chance to gather evidence as to where we are as a team,” Rogers said.

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