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England to face reigning World Champions

England concluded their Group C campaign with two defeats and a win, leaving Owen Coyle’s side having to wait and see if they progressed to the knockout stages.

Not long after, their place in the round of 16 was confirmed. The opponent, Angola. England will face the reigning world champions on Wednesday, 5 October.

Whilst heading into the tie as huge underdogs, the young side hold no fear and believe that in tournament football anything is possible. “It was bitterly disappointing to come away from that game (Argentina) with a loss, after the performance we showed in the first and even in the second half I thought we were excellent,” said Coyle.
He added: “All I require is for the players to go out and be relentless, fearless and confident, and since the opening game I thought we’ve done that in abundance.”
With limited experience amongst the squad, the Scotsman was full of praise for veteran striker, David Tweed and has called upon the captain to be there when needed. He said: “Tweedy (David Tweed) has been outstanding, he’s been a role model, a figurehead for EAFA for many years.
“People always question, and he questions sometimes his age, his body and where he’s at but that’s why David is leading the line. That’s why he is still our captain and that’s why he is still in the squad because he is still performing in the biggest games and biggest moments.”
He added: “To show that level of resilience and mentality to pull young players through that game, in that position is simply outstanding. And I know in games to come he would do the exact same; ultimately, that is why we have got him here.”


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