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Alison McCaul: ‘It’s an amazing opportunity here and it has really opened my eyes’

Alison assesses Sean Jackson’s rehabilitation - Image: Jake Kirkman

Sports rehabilitation therapist, Alison McCaul is one of many students who grasped an opportunity to work with EAFA.

Joining the national team while studying at Salford University, she immediately became a key member of the medical department while gaining the trust of the England players.

Alison got involved after EAFA contacted the university, requesting for any available students who would be keen to volunteer with the charity, to take on a role in the medical team.

“I was absolutely up for it; I love working in sport so I didn’t hesitate to say yes,” she said.

“I’ve always been interested in para-athletes and to have an opportunity to work in amputee football was amazing.”

Having previous experience working within elite environments, McCaul credits the EAFA facilities and organisation for helping her develop skills and for providing the chance to gain experience in the field of physiotherapy.

Even when it rains it’s all smiles - Image: Jake Kirkman

“Working with the charity is definitely a step up from what I’d done previously, the professionalism of everything is incredible and we’re working at an elite level.”

“It’s an amazing opportunity and has really made me open my eyes, it doesn’t feel like work and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

“The relationships between the staff and players help create an environment where everybody thrives and everyone benefits from that,” she added.

EAFA values opportunity for everyone whether that be on or off the pitch, but the spirit and passion from all the staff and players involved is a massive reason for the success of the charity.

“From the medical side of things, the support here is amazing and that’s one of the biggest differences from here and anywhere else.”

Alison will be travelling with the England squad for the Nations League and can’t wait for her first international tournament.

“I’m excited to learn about what it’s like at a tense level and I’m motivated and ready for it.”


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