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The Champions Return Home

This weekend sees the Lions reunite at the Home of Amputee Football, for their first training camp since the Nations League triumph last month.

“It still hasn’t settled in yet. To win our first major trophy in 34 years, it was a massive achievement from the boys,” said head coach, Scott Rogers.

The team will be back on the grass together, as they look ahead to a busy 2023/2024 calendar, however, the gaffer emphasises the importance of enjoying such a monumental victory.

“We need to enjoy the success together, players and staff, we will celebrate what we have achieved.

“However, it's back to work, we have two important sessions this weekend and it’s an opportunity to develop all the hard work we’ve done so far,” Rogers said.

The positive atmosphere within the team has proved to be a foundation for players to grow and improve and has been identified by the manager as a key reason for the recent success.

“Our goal was to create a culture of togetherness and a culture in which everyone is open and honest with each other and the lads being a part of that has been a major factor in our success.”

Rogers’ cavalry will come together at Reaseheath College, with their attentions fixed on the upcoming Amp Futbol Cup in September and the 2024 Euros.

“We just want to continue progressing on this journey we have been on for the last 18 months, the Amp Cup is a milestone we have highlighted on our way to the Euros and it will allow us to assess where we are,” Rogers said.

Make sure to keep up to date with the team’s journey on their road to the Euros on all our social media channels.


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