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Sam Turner previews the UEFA Champions League Fan festival

Writes: Megan Grey

The EAFA Women’s football team will head to London to take part in the UEFA Champions League fan festival this weekend.

It's a chance for the girls to showcase their talents infront of a crowd for the first time since their foundation.

Sam Turner, Women’s head coach spoke about the excitement building for Saturday. 

He said: "I have been before and it's a reminder of how football helps to forget and brings people from all different backgrounds together in a positive environment. The event itself is about using the power of the UEFA Champions League final to bring even more people together."

As for our women, it's a great opportunity for them to be in that environment and to be around all the fans - knowing that they are an England national team and deserve to be appreciated," he added.

The Women will represent EAFA and EAFF (European Amputee Football Federation) during a taster session taking place from 2pm to 3pm, and Turner hopes this appearance will encourage more amputees to get involved within the womens game.

He said: “To those who have heard a bit about it and to those who have heard nothing, all of you can come and watch from a distance and maybe have a go themselves.

"However, for the girls it's a matter of inspiring the next generation, for those little girls out there who are getting used to daily challenges of walking or just wanting to see if there is anyone out there like them. 

"When they see these women out there on the football pitch, not only breaking the barriers of day to day life but also taking football in their stride and thinking wow that could be me in a few years time.”

Turner continued: “Every single one of our players started in a place where they didn’t feel good enough, they didn’t feel that they could play football. Each of them have to learn and develop on their journeys, with them still building that confidence day in day out.

"Anyone out there wherever you are on your journey these girls have been there. All of them will help and support every step of the way.”

You can find the girls on the pitch at Somerset House, London, UK from 2pm to 3pm.


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