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Harry Smith 'Juniors Can Aspire to Make History'

Junior head coach, Harry Smith expresses his pride in the progression of the Junior Camps and admits he can see a bright future ahead for some who have been in attendance.

Over the past months, Harry has helped oversee a rapid improvement in attendance and talent displayed at recent junior camps.

“Each camp there is a bigger buzz and we need to keep creating that buzz and capitalise on the increasing interest around amputee football then it will only carry on growing,” he said, valuing the importance of having young people having a desire to get involved.

Juniors from all over the nation meet up at the Home of Amputee Football to be a part of something special and the league football has begun to reap the rewards of this.

“We have kids becoming of age to join the league and they are starting to be a part of those men’s setups, whether that be just training or actually breaking through into the starting squad and hopefully we see more of this,

“We are aiming to become a little bit more professional to develop the kids further and create a bit more of a pathway by being well drilled and making sure our fundamentals are up to scratch to benefit the players.”

A huge part of Junior camps is creating a connection between current staff and players with those of the future.

National team and league players will come down, get involved in the sessions and are open to giving tips and advice on whatever topics, on or off the pitch.

“For the national team boys that have a role within the juniors they act as a huge role model, even more so after the success of the nations league,

“The juniors know they can aspire to go on and win something and make history and win these major tournaments as well as connecting with the current players and getting their wealth of wisdom.”

Junior camps provide everyone with a sense of togetherness, from parents to staff to children to players, everyone belongs and everyone has an opportunity to achieve something great.

“We say a lot in the charity that we are stronger together and that is at the forefront of what we do, for individuals to have that relatedness with other children who have been through similar circumstances and make them realise their value and form those connections,” Harry beautifully rounded up.


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